Traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin

Traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin

A question I am frequently asked is: which is the better way to get to St. Barths - taking a short 10 minute flight from St. Martin or a 45 minute ferry ride? Here is my personal take on traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin.

Like most people, I want to start my vacation as soon as possible. The sooner my feet hit the ground in St. Barths, the better! So, while both options will get you to St. Barths, I recommend flying. This means taking carry-on bags only (I was somehow able to do this on a 9 day trip one year!).

Both modes of transportation can be a little (or sometime a lot!) turbulent. Here is my inside scoop on the two options for traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin.

Ferry: Rough seas can make even the most experienced boater nauseous (myself included).  There is a nice option offered by one of the two ferry services: business class. This costs a little extra, but you are seated in an air-conditioned section with flat screen TV’s, as opposed to being outside and exposed to the elements. You will still feel the motion of the ocean, but it is nice to have distractions!

Gorgeous view from the deck of the ferry

Traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin

Interior view of business class

If you do decide to take the 45-minute ferry ride, you will then need to take a cab to/from the St. Martin airport to the ferry terminal, which takes about 30 minutes. When booking your flight to SXM be sure to leave yourself enough time to account for this. If you have checked baggage, you will need to account for extra time as well, as to not miss the ferry. Taking the ferry is the less expensive of the two options.

Flight: Flying from St. Martin to St. Barths is a very short 10 -15 minute flight. However, it can be a bit nerve-wracking for those who are timid flyers. The planes are small, the trade winds can be strong at times, the flight path goes by mountains during takeoff and landing, and the runway on St. Barths is one of the shortest in the world! That being said, each flight will be different. The first time I traveled via plane it was windy and the plane teetered a bit. I admit, I am a nervous flyer and had to close my eyes and go to a happy place. I highly recommend listening to your Ipod to help take your mind off of the bumps. However, on my last trip to St. Barths the flight was a breeze - no pun intended!

Traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin

Great to be back on St. Barths!

St. Barths has one of the world’s most beautiful runways

I hope this quick overview of traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin helps in the decision making process to visit St. Barths. As always, I am more than happy to discuss anything regarding St. Barths should you have any questions.

Until next time, au revoir!

- Leah

View of Gustavia in St. Barths from the plane

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