Beyond Luxury Villa Rentals, St. Barth Offers Hundreds Of Fresh Dining Options For Every Taste And Style

Talk to anyone who’s been to St. Barths, and they are sure to mention the virtually endless array of culinary opportunities. Restaurants and café’s abound in every part of the island, featuring everything from upscale fine dining to casual seaside fare. In fact, the island is practically overflowing with venues that will satisfy whatever you may be craving on any given day. We’ll help you discover all the “can’t miss” hot spots, acclaimed hideaways, romantic cafes, elegant eateries, and local favorites. With so much variety, you really never have to visit the same place twice during your St. Barths rental villa stay–but you’ll want to!

Whether you are craving the haute gourmet cuisine featured at restaurants like Le Gaiac at Le Toiny Hotel or just looking to unwind and have some fun with the locals at Andy’s Hideaway in St. Jean, St. Barth has something to satisfy any desire. Learn more about the incredible dining options below. Want to know our favorites? Just ask! We’d be happy to share our inside tips on ambiance and menus to help you decide which places are best for your particular mood or taste while staying in our St. Barths rentals. Bon Appétit!

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Gustavia & Public Restaurants

Bête À Z’ailes (Le) – BAZ Bar
Cuisine: Sushi & Asian
Phone: 0590 29 74 09
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Sundays

Located at the head of Gustavia Harbor, this sushi and Asian restaurant and bar is more commonly known as BAZ Bar. This is casual dining on the harbor with both indoor and outdoor seating. BAZ Bar is best known for having live music every night.

Bonito (Le)
Cuisine: Multicultural with French and South American influences
Phone: 0590 27 96 96
Dinner only, Closed Wednesdays

Perched above Gustavia, this restaurant has a fabulous view of the harbor. The dining room is designed as if it were a luxury villa with separate seating areas. The bar is a great place to enjoy a cocktail while watching a picturesque St. Barth sunset.

Cantina (La)
Phone: 0590 27 55 66
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (Opens at 5pm on Sundays)

Located on the harbor, La Cantina is a great place to grab a fresh salad, panini or club sandwich any time of day. It’s the ideal location to mingle with the locals while enjoying a drink on the harbor. Be sure to say hello to Brice—he is an island favorite!

Côté Port
Cuisine: French
Phone: 0590 87 79 54
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Sundays

One of the more popular restaurants with the St. Barth locals, Côté Port is located right on the docks of Gustavia Harbor. The cozy dining room is perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

Crêperie (La)
Phone: 0590 27 84 07
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Situated in the middle of Gustavia, La Crêperie is a great spot for your morning croissant and coffee. In addition to its signature crepes, the restaurant also offers a full menu of traditional cuisine of grilled meats and local fish.

Do Brazil
Cuisine: Fusion with local influences
Phone: 0590 29 06 66
Lunch & Dinner, Open Every Day

The restaurant is located on Shell Beach just outside of Gustavia. Enjoy a casual lunch or dinner while viewing the nearby islands in the distance. The restaurant also offers shaded tables directly on the beach for that “toes in the sand” dining experience.

Cuisine: French Creole
Phone: 0590 27 54 17
Dinner Only, Closed Sundays (except high season)

Situated in a small tropical garden in the middle of Gustavia, Eddy’s is one of St. Barth’s best-loved secret spots. The restaurant offers local fish prepared with French and Creole influences at a good value.

Entre-Deux (L’)
Cuisine: International
Phone: 0590 27 50 88
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Wednesday & Sunday

A hidden gem located behind the famous Totem Surf Shop, L’ Entre-Deux is a great spot to mix with locals for a light lunch or dinner. Its specialties are tapas, salads and grilled fish. The casual dining room is a perfect combination of weathered tables and mismatched chairs.

Harbour’s St. Barth
Cuisine: French & Pizza
Phone: 0590 29 52 24
Lunch & Dinner

Harbour’s St. Barth offers a sheltered “outside” dining room situated on the edge of Gustavia Harbor. Offering a traditional French menu as well as a selection of pizzas, this restaurant is a great choice for a romantic evening or a night out with friends. Harbour’s is a favorite with St. Barth locals and visitors.

Isola (L’)
Cuisine: Italian
Phone: 0590 51 00 05
Dinner Only, Closed Monday during low season

Experience authentic Italian cuisine in a chic, sophisticated atmosphere. Many say this feels like a New York restaurant that has been superbly blended into the casual atmosphere of St. Barth. It is a great choice for the night you want to dress up just a little!

Cuisine: French
Phone: 0590 27 75 73
Dinner Only, Closed Sunday

Maya’s has been an institution on St. Barth for more than 25 years. Located in Public, Maya’s sits right on the ocean with an open-air dining room. The ambience is very casual with great views of the harbor. Maya’s has been a long-time favorite for many locals.

Pipiri Palace
Cuisine: Local French, BBQ
Phone: 0590 27 53 20
Dinner Only, Closed Sundays

Pipiri Palace is another favorite of St. Barth locals and long time visitors to the island. Set in a tropical garden, Pipiri offers most of the island favorites of grilled local fish and fresh lobster from the tank, but also is well known for its BBQ ribs.

Repaire (Le)
Cuisine: French
Phone: 0590 27 72 48
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Open all day, Le Repaire is located on the main street of Gustavia right across from the ferry terminal. Perfect for catching all the action in Gustavia, enjoy a wide selection of French cuisine or just an afternoon cocktail.

Route des Boucaniers (La)
Cuisine: New Caribbean
Phone: 0590 27 73 00
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Monday during low season

Situated directly on the harbor, Route des Boucaniers recently underwent a renovation to give it a more chic atmosphere. The restaurant offers tables both inside and out. The menu includes a wide selection of salads, grilled fish and meats, and other traditional French entrees.

Select (Le)
Phone: 0590 27 86 87
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Sundays

What is a trip to St. Barth without at least stopping by for one cold beer and a “Cheeseburger in Paradise?” Le Select has been a St. Barth tradition since Marius opened it in 1949! Le Select does not pretend to offer amazing cuisine. It is THE place to go for a burger and fries with friends or family.

Strand (The)
Cuisine: French
Phone: 0590 27 63 77
Dinner Only, Closed Sundays

The Strand is a champagne-lounge bar that is also known for serving wonderful French cuisine. The dining room is very chic with a wonderful view of Gustavia Harbor. The Strand is also a great spot for music after dinner.

Cuisine: French
Phone: 059029 79 00
Lunch & Dinner

Known as a place for cocktails to watch the sunset, Victoria’s is located in the posh Carl Gustaf Hotel situated just above Gustavia.

Wall House
Cuisine: French & Steaks
Phone: 0590 27 71 83
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Sunday

Located at The Pointe of Gustavia Harbor, Wall House is a wonderful spot for lunch or dinner. Dinners range from traditional French cuisine to its new steak house menu. Don’t miss the dessert cart that is presented tableside after your meal.
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St. Jean Beach Restaurants

The Hideaway (Chez Andy)
Cuisine: International & Pizza
Phone: 0590 27 63 62
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Saturday & Sunday for Lunch

Andy’s is a favorite among locals and frequent visitors for its relaxed atmosphere and hopes for a lively conversation with Andy himself, the very funny British owner. For years, the restaurant has lived by its slogan: “Corked wine, warm beer, lousy food and a view of the car park.” Andy’s has a varied menu with salads, pasta, and local fish. You can even grill your own meats and fish tableside on a hot stone.

Jardin (Le)
Cuisine: Sandwiches & Salads
Phone: 0590 27 73 62
Breakfast & Lunch, Closed Sundays

Located directly across from the airport, this is the place to pick up a quick snack or have a drink while waiting for friends to arrive, or before your departure.

Kiki é Mo
Cuisine: Gourmet Shop, Paninis, Snacks
Phone: 0590 27 90 65
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Kiki é Mo is a gourmet shop located in St. Jean that specializes in meats and cheeses, as well as freshly prepared paninis. Kiki is a great place to pick up a prepared meal for your villa or to enjoy a snack at the outside tables.

Nikki Beach
Cuisine: Fusion & Sushi
Phone: 0590 27 64 64
Lunch & Dinner

This is a very chic oceanfront restaurant in St. Barth. It has a very lively atmosphere with music from DJs, fashion shows, theme nights, and lots of partying! The menu includes all-day sushi, salads, pasta, and fresh local fish.

On the Rocks (Eden Rock Hotel)
Cuisine: Fusion
Phone: 0590 29 79 99
Dinner Only

For a fine dining experience, visit On the Rocks, featuring incredible views over St. Jean Beach from the well-appointed dining room. Prepare to have your taste buds tantalized with incredible dishes prepared from world-renowned chef, Jean-Georges.

Piment (Le)
Cuisine: Tapas
Phone: 0590 27 53 88
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Located in the heart of St. Jean, Le Piment offers traditional cuisine as well as an extensive tapas menu. Many locals gather here for an afternoon cocktail and snack.

Plage (La) (Tom Beach Hotel)
Cuisine: French
Phone: 0590 27 53 15
Lunch & Dinner, Pink Parrot Bar Open All Day

This is truly a “feet in the sand” dining experience. A great place to endulge in a classic French meal while enjoying the sights of St. Jean Beach, the entire restaurant floor is covered in beach sand. There is also a small beach bar called the Pink Parrot that serves drinks all day.

Sand Bar (Eden Rock Hotel)
Phone: 0590 29 79 99
Lunch Only

Located on St. Jean Beach at the Eden Rock Hotel, the Sand Bar is the lunch spot to see and be seen. Jean-Georges’ new menu is a mix of traditional classics of lobster salads, sautéed local fish, and Dover sole, as well as whole-wheat pizzas with black truffles and Fontana cheese. The Sand Bar is great place to spend an afternoon with your favorite bottle of Rosé.
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Saline Restaurants

L’ Espirit Jean-Claude Dufour
Cuisine: French
Phone: 0590 52 46 10
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Wednesdays

Chef Jean-Claude Dufour and his wife Sonia have created a great dining experience in a lovely garden setting near Saline Beach. Enjoy a lunch under the coconut palms or dinner under the stars above St. Barth.

Grain de Sel
Cuisine: Creole
Phone: 0590 52 46 05
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Mondays

Located near the salt ponds of Saline, Grain de Sel is a great place for a casual lunch after a morning on Saline Beach, and you may even catch a glimpse of an iguana while dining.

Meat & Potatoes (M & P)
Cuisine: Steak House
Phone: 0590 51 15 98
Dinner Only, Closed Sundays

While this restaurant bills itself as a steak house, guests can also enjoy fresh local seafood and vegetarian options. The design is simple and casual, and very “St. Barth.”
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Pointe Milou Restaurants

Le Taino/ Mango (Christopher Hotel)
Cuisine: Caribbean Fusion
Phone: 0590 27 63 63
Lunch & Dinner

Le Taino is open for lunch and Mango is the hotel’s restaurant for dinner. These restaurants were recently renovated and sit directly on the ocean in Pointe Milou, which make them a perfect place to watch the surfers on Lorient and St. Jean Bays.

Le Ti St. Barth
Cuisine: International
Phone: 0590 27 97 71
Dinner Only, Closed Sundays

Let’s start by saying that whatever you may have heard about Le Ti is probably true. Yes—you are allowed to dance on the tables after dinner. Enjoy a wonderfully prepared meal and then stick around for the fashion show, theme night, DJ, or whatever else Carole may have in store for a night you won’t soon forget. Le Ti is a place not to be missed if you have a zest for life and are looking for a crazy night.
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Grand Cul de Sac & Toiny Restaurants

Gaiac (Le) (Hotel Le Toiny)
Cuisine: French Gourmet
Phone: 0590 29 77 47
Lunch & Dinner, Sunday Brunch

Set high in the hills, this restaurant offers panoramic views of the ocean. Considered by many to be the finest restaurant on St. Barth, is has become known for its black truffle parmesan spaghetti that is prepared tableside in a large wheel of parmesan cheese. Le Gaiac is also well known for its lavish Sunday brunch.

Gloriette (La)
Cuisine: French
Phone: 0590 27 75 66
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Wednesdays

Relax on the beach with your feet in the sand on the edge of Grand Cul de Sac. Lunch includes fresh lobster salad and local grilled fish. For dinner, La Gloriette is known for its pizzas. This is also the place to pick up a few bottles of the famous La Gloriette Rhum Vanille.

Indigo (Hotel Le Guanahani)
Cuisine: French Mediterranean
Phone: 0590 27 66 60
Lunch & Dinner

Situated on the edge of the pool of the Hotel Le Guanahani, this restaurant offers great views over Grand Cul de Sac Bay. It features a nice casual setting for a relaxing lunch or dinner with an extensive menu of salads, local fish and grilled meats.

Pêcheurs (Les) (Le Sereno Hotel)
Cuisine: French Seafood
Phone: 0590 27 88 88
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Les Pêcheurs has a beautiful dining room sitting right on Grand Cul de Sac. The restaurant delivers a very peaceful setting for a romantic dinner of masterfully prepared entrees of fresh fish and seafood cuisine, with fish delivered to the restaurant daily.
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Lurin Restaurants

Sante Fe
Cuisine: French
Phone: 0590 27 61 04
Lunch & Dinner, Closed Wednesdays

This casual open-air dining room is situated in the hills of Lurin with spectacular views over Gouveneur Beach. The owner, Emmanuel, greets every guest with a smile and makes sure your every need is met. Sante Fe is very popular with both the locals and many frequent visitors to St. Barth (including St. Barth Exclusive owners, Jon and Lisa Weitz) for its great selection of traditional French classics and fresh grilled fish.
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Lorient Restaurants

Le Massai
Cuisine: French & International
Phone: 0590 29 76 78
Dinner Only

Modern French cuisine is served in a very chic African-themed dining room that boasts sophistication and casualness. Previously known as K’fe Massai, the restaurant also occasionally has a DJ playing house music after dinner.
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Flammands Restaurants

Case de l’Isle (La) (Isle de France Hotel)
Cuisine: French Gourmet
Phone: 0590 27 61 81
Lunch & Dinner

This restaurant features an absolutely stunning dining room overlooking Flammands Bay. This is a perfect spot for a romantic dinner in a peaceful setting. Every Tuesday night at 6:30, the Isle de France Hotel hosts a fashion show at the restaurant. This has become a “must-do” event for many visitors to the island.

PaCri (Tiawana Hotel)
Cuisine: Italian
Phone: 0590 29 80 08
Dinner Only

PaCri has been on St. Barth for many years, but just recently relocated to The Tiawana Hotel. The oceanfront dining room is a great place to enjoy a sumptuous Italian dinner while looking at the stars over Flammands Bay. The menu changes daily based on the fresh ingredients that are available at the time.
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