By Air Or By Sea, The Journey Of Traveling To Your Villa In St. Barts Is An Experience All Its Own

There are not many places where just getting to the destination is talked about as much as the destination itself. When people learn that someone has been to a villa in St. Barts, the first questions is always, “Did you fly in or take the ferry?” St. Barts is known for its short runway that ends on St. Jean Beach. There is nothing more magical than flying over the island with the bright red tile roofs dotting the hillsides, surrounded by the clear blue waters. However, the ferry is equally exciting, as you motor past majestic sail boats and mega-yachts when you arrive at picturesque Gustavia Harbor.

Your St. Barts rentals villa escape begins with two main travel options: (1) a commuter plane from either St. Marteen (SXM or SFG) or San Juan (SJU); or (2) a high-speed boat ferry from St. Marteen. Whichever method you choose, we can assure you that as soon as you see the inviting red roofs glistening in the hills and the shimmering waters along the island’s shores, you will know that you have finally “arrived.”

While there are distinct benefits to both methods of travel to your villa in St. Barts, the choice is entirely up to what fits you best. Review the details below to learn more about your options, and then please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable vacation specialists to discuss the details further. We are always happy to help answer any question you may have and assist you in your travel plans to get to your final destination villa St. Barts!

Flying into St. Barts

St. Barts has a small airport and can only accommodate small commuter planes; however, the short flight is simply breathtaking. Depending on the winds, you will either fly in over the hills above Gustavia and land facing the blue waters of St. Jean Beach, or you will fly in directly over St. Jean Beach. All commuter airlines closely monitor the winds to make sure your arrival is as enjoyable as possible. Either way, be sure to keep your camera handy because you will not want to miss out on capturing the gorgeous aerial shots as you touch down in St. Barts.

Many guests choose to take a commuter flight to St. Barts (SBH) from St. Marteen (SXM). This is a short 10-minute flight that will give you an awe-inspiring perspective of the island. You can also pick up a commuter flight from San Juan (SJU), which is about one hour, takeoff to landing.

Plan on allowing 1½ hours (in SXM or SJU) to connect to your commuter flight and allow two to three hours to connect to your return flight home. Our specialists are here to help you with all your travel arrangements to your villa in St. Barts, and to ensure you allow the proper time to make your connections.

From St. Marteen (SXM)—10-minute flight:

Winair offers daily flights to St. Barts. Flights are offered at regular intervals during high season and tend to drop off in the low season. Please check on Winair’s website for flight times offered on your arrival and departure dates.

St. Barth Commuter

St Barth Commuter offers daily service to St. Barts from SXM. They also provide service from the St. Marteen airport in Grand Case (SFG). If scheduling requires you to book a flight out of SFG, please be advised that it is approximately a 45-minute cab ride from SXM to SFG. Please be sure to allow extra time in your schedule to get from SXM to SFG.

From San Juan (SJU)—One-hour flight:

Tradewind Aviation
Some people prefer to fly to San Juan in order to utilize Tradewind’s premium service to St. Barts. Tradewind offers an executive commuter service to St. Barts with regularly scheduled flights. The fares are more expensive, but if you want the complete experience of being pampered, then this is the way to arrive. Tradewind Aviation also offers private charters.

Taking the Ferry To St. Barts

Another option for getting to your villa in St. Barts is to take one of the many ferries from St. Marteen. Ferries depart from several marinas on a daily basis. This is a great alternative for travelers when the connecting flight times don’t quite match up with their flights to SXM. Depending on the marina you choose, the ferry ride takes anywhere from 45 minutes up to 1½ hours. All ferries drop you off in St. Barts at the ferry dock in downtown Gustavia. As with any flight arrival, our welcome team will be there to meet you and to escort you to your St. Barts rental villa.

St. Barth Exclusives will be happy to assist you in arranging your high-speed ferry rides, and getting your tickets for the time and departure location that best works with your arrival and departure from St. Marteen. Listed below are the websites for some of the ferry companies that provide daily service to St. Barts.

Great Bay Express
Offers daily service from Bobby’s Marina in Phillipsburg. Please check their website for scheduled service as it varies throughout the year.

Provides daily service from both Marigot (St. Martin) and Oyster Pond (St. Martin). The ferry ride takes approximately 1½ hours from Marigot and approximately 40 minutes from Oyster Pond. Please check their website for scheduled service times.

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