St. Barth Beach Hunt

St. Barth Beach Hunt

A common request from clients when booking is to be close to the beach. But did you know there are 22 beaches in St. Barth, and all of our villas are located near the beach? On a recent trip, I decided to determine how many beaches I could leisurely visit in one day. I was surprised when I visited 8 different beaches with stops and activities in between.

My first stop was Saline Beach. Saline has a breathtaking entrance onto the beach and is a very popular photo spot.











Gouverneur Beach was my next stop.  A private and secluded beach surrounded by cliffs, it boasts spectacular views of St. Kitts, Saba and St. Eustatius in the distance.






Lorient Beach is a great place to surf, so we decided to stay for a while and watch the surfers in action. The waves were really up that day!











Our next stop was Shell Beach, located in Gustavia. Thousands of tiny shells adorn the beautiful shoreline, a must see! Do Brazil is located here and is a great spot for lunch, especially on Sunday.






My favorite beach, St. Jean Beach, is one of the liveliest beaches on St. Barth. Depending on the winds, planes fly overhead to land or take-off throughout the day. It is an awesome experience!











After a quick bite and suit change at our Villa in Pt. Milou, we were off to Grand Cul de Sac. This is a great place for water sports and the La Gloriette beachfront restaurant is located here, a must try for lunch!






Last stop was Grand Fond.  This beach area is known for hiking and the Natural Pools. The area is scrubby and unlike many of the beaches in St. Barts but beautiful nonetheless. You may even encounter goats and cows nearby! I did not come prepared, as I was wearing flip flops.  I was unable to do the hike, but my husband ventured off alone and relayed how beautiful the views were along the hike.






If you are a beach lover, St. Barths is the place for you, no matter how much or (how little!) you want to beach hop.

Until next time, à bientôt!


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