Unmatched Knowledge, Passion, And Professionalism To Help You Plan Your St. Barths Villa Vacation

At St. Barth Exclusives, we are proud to say that we’re experts in all things St. Barth. We’ve been there. Experienced it. Immersed ourselves in the surroundings, the culture, the sights, and the scenery. We’ve eaten at the restaurants, relaxed on the beaches, explored the hillsides, visited the shops, found favorite secluded spots, and pampered ourselves with local indulgences. It’s our passion to stay on top of the day-to-day happenings and know what’s going on when and where. In fact, it’s all we do. Our St. Barths villa rental company only represents villas in St. Barth. We do not represent other islands because we just don’t know them like we know St. Barths.

As frequent guests ourselves, we know that there is nothing like a stay in a spacious yet private, lavishly-appointed St. Barths villa; but selecting the right one is about more than how many bedrooms it has, or if it’s available when you want to visit. We specialize in creating personalized escapes to exceed your every desire, and working with you to ensure you have the experience you envision is our objective. And that starts by matching you with just the right villa rentals. We will ask you a lot of questions about you and your guests. The more we know, the better we can help you select your ideal villa rentals.

St. Barth is undeniably unique. It has captured our hearts just like it will yours. That is why when you search our villa rentals, St. Barth is the only island you’ll find. We know you have options for your travel. You can trust that when you choose St. Barth Exclusives, we will go above and beyond to make your stay as unforgettable as possible, whether it’s your first time, or your twentieth. Let us guide you on your way. Contact us now to get started.

How It All Began: Jon and Lisa’s Story

Jon and Lisa Weitz, the founders of St. Barth Exclusives, first began visiting St. Barth in 1991 and immediately knew they had found something truly special. What started as an annual trip quickly grew to going three times a year and even bringing their children along (at ages seven and ten). People did not understand why they kept going back to the same island when there are so many places in the world to discover. Their reply: “There is just something about St. Barth; we can not explain it, but you will understand if you go.”

They have continued to find time to escape to St. Barth, and after countless visits, still return with the same indescribable feeling as they touch down on that famous beachfront runway overlooking St. Jean Bay “we’re back”

One day while sitting by the pool of Villa Domingue in Pointe Milou, the idea for St. Barth Exclusives was born. A partnership was formed with a very strong on-island property management company looking for a United States-based affiliate to assist them with American clients interested in St. Barths villa rentals, and the rest is history.

Today, the team is comprised of St. Barths villa specialists who have either lived on the island full time, or have spent extensive time on the island touring each villa and also experiencing St. Barths from a vacationer’s point of view. After decades of experience in the luxury hotel and vacation rental industry, Jon and Lisa have learned how important it is to understand clients’ unique needs, and ask the right questions to match them with the best villa for their vacation desires.

Take a look at our biographies below to learn more about our team. Each of us has our own favorite memories and passions of the island, and we can’t wait to assist you in discovering what you’ll love about St. Barth, too.

Our Staff

Jon Weitz - President

Jon founded St. Barth Exclusives with his wife Lisa. Having visited the island since 1991, St. Barts has truly become a favorite home away from home for them. Even when Jon is not staying on St. Barts, he is dedicated to keeping up on what is happening on the island on a daily basis. If there is road construction going on or a new restaurant opening, he knows about it, and he is thrilled to be able to share that information with all his clients. Jon has spent most of his career in the hotel and vacation rental industry, with extensive experience assisting people with planning every aspect of their vacations. He is proud to be bringing this expertise to help others discover the one-of-a-kind island of St. Barts.

In his own words -

Favorite Beach: Colombier. I think the short hike to this secluded beach is one of the most picturesque walks one can experience - it is truly breathtaking. There are always a few sailboats anchored just off the beach, which is a beautiful sight. To me, there is nothing better than a quiet afternoon with my wife on Colombier.

Favorite Restaurant: Sante Fe. While the view from above Gouverneur beach is spectacular, I truly like this restaurant because of the gracious service offered by the owner, Emmanuel, and the outstanding dishes on the menu. I highly recommend starting with the Tomato Tarte and then enjoying the Wahoo Corriander, followed by Profiteroles for dessert along with a complimentary taste of Rhum Vanille.

Favorite St. Barth Experience: Sunset at the villa. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the deck of the villa watching the sun go down with some Ibiza chill music, a cocktail in hand, and my feet in the pool. Lisa and I have been late for more than a few dinner reservations because we did not want to leave that view.

Lisa Weitz - St Barts Villa Specialist

Lisa has been visiting St. Barts since 1991 and knows every area of the island like the back of her hand. She has spent time over the last few years touring most of the villas on island and definitely has her favorites! To Lisa, there is no place in the world as special as St. Barts. She loves the casual chic atmosphere, beautiful beaches, incredible dining, and just soaking in the French culture of the island.

In her own words -

Favorite Beach: Gouverneur. To me, there is nothing better than making the turn at Sante Fe restaurant and taking that drive down to Gouverneur. It is a truly peaceful spot to enjoy a book and then take a dip in the calm waters to cool off.

Favorite Restaurant: Do Brazil. This is one of my favorite spots for lunch. Definitely try the Gazpacho and enjoy the afternoon overlooking Shell Beach in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Favorite St. Barth Experience:
Watching my children embrace the French culture. My husband and I have been bringing them to St. Barts since they were 7 and 10. At first, we were worried that they would be bored and not yet understand why St. Barts is special. Boy, were we wrong! They enjoy the simplicity of the beaches, trying new foods (even escargot!), or just listening to the local children speaking French. I still get a smile just thinking about my 7 year old whispering ‘merci’ to the nice French woman who served him a chocolate croissant at Petite Colombe. And it has inspired them both to now want to learn to speak the language.

Dee Bruggeman - St Barts Villa Specialist

After having the pleasure of living and working on St. Barth for nine years, Dee considers St. Barth her home away from home. Her years of experience managing vacation homes on the island gives her a true insider’s perspective, and she truly loves introducing new visitors to this special place. Dee has had the opportunity to explore many other islands during years of sailing but was always happiest to return to her favoriteai??i??her little slice of paradise. She will go out of her way to ensure that all of her guests enjoy their visits to ‘the Jewel of the Caribbean’ as she calls it, and grow to love the island as much as she does.

In her own words ai??i??

Favorite Beach: Without hesitation, this would have to be Gouverneur. The drive to the beach is half of the funai??i??catching glimpses of the sea from the high road leading from Gustavia is a delightful tease. The secluded feeling, the extraordinary blue water, the majestic mountain for a backdropai??i??sublime!

Favorite Restaurant: I have two. For a casual dinner, you can’t beat the thin crust pizza at The Hideaway. Be sure to drizzle on the pepper infused olive oil but be careful because itai??i??s crazy hot. And don’t forget theirAi??Rhum Vanilleai??i??itai??i??s one of the best on the island. The atmosphere is always jovial thanks to Andy, the British proprietor. Heai??i??s a very funny character and is beloved by locals and visitors alike. For a special dinner, Eddyai??i??s is always good. The private garden setting is really serene and the menu has many Creole influenced tasty choices. Thereai??i??s even a nice wine selection. Eddy is the son of Marius, the owner of Le Select, so the restaurant business is in his DNA. His first restaurant was called Eddyai??i??s Ghetto and was located where Pipiri Palace now stands.

Favorite St. Barth Experience: Crewing on magnificent sailboats during the Bucket is always a fantastic experience. It’s not just the excellent sailingai??i??itai??i??s magic to get together with my sailing friends and meet new people that share my love of the sea.

Leah Burns - St Barts Villa Specialist

Born and raised in Charleston, SC (the ‘Holy City’), Leah Burns has enjoyed coastal beach living her entire life. From boating to fishing or just strolling the beautiful beaches, Leah exudes all that is truly special about outdoor island living. Her 15 years of experience in property management have provided her with a well-rounded background unmatched in the industry, and she has worked closely with Dee, Lisa and Jon for years. There is no aspect of the vacation business that she has not encountered, and her vast knowledge and attention to detail is witnessed daily.

Leah has had the opportunity to travel to and enjoy many of the Caribbean islands over the years, St. Barts left a captivating impression. Leah immediately fell in love with everything about the island of St. Barts - from its ‘fresh from the sea to the table’ cuisine to its stunning beauty and its uniqueness. A bond has been formed that has left her yearning to return to this magical island again and again.

In her own words ai??i??

Favorite Beach: St. Jeans. I love the location in the middle of the island as well as being near the Pink Parrot for fabulous adult beverages! I was fortunate enough to be at the Pink Parrot when they had fresh coconutsai??i??I paired one with a splash of coconut rumai??i??it was delicious and refreshing! I immediately tried to think of how I could duplicate it at home. The people watching at St. Jean’s is great; I love to be in the heart of the action. I was there on Bastille Day this year for the Bikini Brunch and to my surprise and delight a few of the staff members took an impromptu dive into the ocean. Be sure to say hi to Terry and Gregg when you are there!

Favorite Restaurant: All of them! Seriously, I love to eat and you can’t go wrong anywhere in St. Barts. Because the seafood is so fresh, I enjoyed trying a little bit of everything from Lobster at the Wall House in Gustavia to the Wahoo at Santa Fe in Lurin. I also really enjoyed having Sunday brunch at Le Gaiac at Le Toiny hotel. Wow, a true feast for the senses, and the pristine view of the ocean and selection of exquisite food is to die for. A must in my book!

Favorite St. Barth Experience: I truly cannot name just one, so here are a few: watching the planes come in overhead at St. Jean Beach; seeing the Bastille Day fireworks while having dinner at Bonito’s in Gustavia; the Rhum Vanille at Harbour’s restaurant; meeting and sharing stories with the locals; finding a frog living in my toilet (yes, really!); and seeing my first rainbow in St. Barths. I must have taken a hundred pictures! You will find out when you go that everything in St. Barts creates happy memories.

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