Important Information to Know When Visiting St. Barth

Important Information to Know When Visiting St. Barth

Below is a list of important information to know when booking your escape to St. Barths:

Washer and Dryer- The use of the washer and dryer, if present in your villa, is not allowed; these appliances are only accessible by the housekeeper.  However, in most cases, the renter can request a laundry service at the villa for an additional charge.

Nightly minimums- Unlike most vacation properties in the United States, no minimum night stay requirements exist except during the holiday season (December 15th-January 11th).  Although pricing on our website is per week, we can quote for shorter or longer rental periods, and when renting weekly, the rental begin and end dates can be any day of the week.

Number of bedrooms- Regardless of the number of bedrooms in a villa, renters only pay for the number of bedrooms requested. Once at the villa, our on-island partners will show all of the bedrooms to the renter so they can pick which rooms they would like to use, with a maximum of two people per room. The remaining bedrooms will be locked, but the rest of the property is the renters to enjoy!

For more helpful information, visit our FAQ’s page.

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Below are some beautiful pictures taken by one of our clients on a recent trip to St. Barths.


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