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Anonymous hotel workers have revealed eight secrets they will never tell their clients.

Writing on Quora and Reddit, staff also explained how to get the best deal out of hotels.

1. Deaths
Among the most frequently mentioned secrets is the number of people who die in hotel rooms. One user. who worked in a hotel during his university holidays, recounted how a guested had hanged himself in one of their rooms and been found by a cleaner.

“The police arrived with the appropriate people, took away the body, without any guest having the faintest idea what was going on. It never even appeared in local news.”

Hotels keep this information tightly controlled to both prevent bad publicity and “dark tourism.”

2. Celebrities
Chances are you may have already stayed in a hotel at the same time as a major celebrity. “As a guest, unless you happen to glimpse the celebrity, you’ll never know they’re there,” Stacey Jean said.

“I was at a hotel that hosted a popular baseball team - yes, the entire team! Also popular porn actress Cory Chase - and not a soul was the wiser.”

3. Relationships and Affairs
They usually know exactly who is there for an affair. “Yes, we know who you are. No, we don’t really care!”

Gloria Londono added: “If you’re travelling with your spouse/significant other, we can tell almost from the moment you walk in, whose [sic] the decision maker of the two of you.”

4. Police

Almost all hotels – good or bad – have a strong relationship with the local police force. It is nothing against their customers, staff explained, just “where lots of people congregate, problems do arise.”
They claim officers are usually happy to go with the staff’s interpretation of events as “workers are generally pretty good judges of when the police need to be involved with a situation.”

5. Cleanliness

In all the threads, every member of staff warned guests against ever, ever, touching the “coverlet”, duvet or remote. They are never washed.
Staff warned clients away from the glasses by the sink (also never washed), to always check the seals on bottles, and advised people to never check under the bed or hard to reach places as they are never cleaned.

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