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November Trip Report


Another fabulous trip to the island is on the books ~ This year, I stayed in Lorient at Villa Lorient Sunset. It really lived up to it’s name! In addition to touring villas (there are some great new ones on the rental market!) I had the most active trip in all the years I have been visiting St. Barth. For some people, the idea of a vacation does not include anything other than total rest and relaxation. Lounging around the villa and the various beaches is sometimes just what the doctor ordered! For others, they want to experience as much of the island as possible. I decided that this trip I would do all of the activities that I recommend to my clients who fall into this category. With a week on the island, this meant two long hikes and a jet ski tour around the island. The first “excursion” on the agenda was doing the hike to what are called the Natural Pools. I failed to pack sneakers last trip so this time I was prepared! I recommend doing the hike in the morning before it gets too hot and pack water if you can. My husband brought a book bag on our trip and it came in very handy. The hike itself takes about 30 minutes to get to the natural pools and there is  a great spot to take a break on the way there, it even has a bench! After following the narrow trails, we made it! Because of the sea urchins, I decided to just take in the view rather than risk it but I know plenty of people that enjoy the opportunity to cool off as a reward for their efforts. The waves are very powerful in the Grand Fond area (thus the nickname “the washing machine”) so they would occasionally break over the rocks. Other than those times, it was very tranquil. Definitely worth the effort.  The hike itself is what I would consider moderately challenging, with a few spots that are a little steep. This side of the island is not very developed and the views themselves, while still breathtaking, are not of the sparkling crystal blue kind since it is on the atlantic side of the island. If I were to recommend a hike to someone that only had the time or desire to do one, I would say take the hike to Colombier. For my upcoming post, I will tell you why and leave you with this as a teaser… Until then, Au Revoir!  ~ Leah

St. Barth Beach Hunt


A common request from clients when booking is to be close to the beach. But did you know there are 22 beaches in St. Barth, and all of our villas are located near the beach? On a recent trip, I decided to determine how many beaches I could leisurely visit in one day. I was surprised when I visited 8 different beaches with stops and activities in between.

My first stop was Saline Beach. Saline has a breathtaking entrance onto the beach and is a very popular photo spot.











Gouverneur Beach was my next stop.  A private and secluded beach surrounded by cliffs, it boasts spectacular views of St. Kitts, Saba and St. Eustatius in the distance.






Lorient Beach is a great place to surf, so we decided to stay for a while and watch the surfers in action. The waves were really up that day!











Our next stop was Shell Beach, located in Gustavia. Thousands of tiny shells adorn the beautiful shoreline, a must see! Do Brazil is located here and is a great spot for lunch, especially on Sunday.






My favorite beach, St. Jean Beach, is one of the liveliest beaches on St. Barth. Depending on the winds, planes fly overhead to land or take-off throughout the day. It is an awesome experience!











After a quick bite and suit change at our Villa in Pt. Milou, we were off to Grand Cul de Sac. This is a great place for water sports and the La Gloriette beachfront restaurant is located here, a must try for lunch!






Last stop was Grand Fond.  This beach area is known for hiking and the Natural Pools. The area is scrubby and unlike many of the beaches in St. Barts but beautiful nonetheless. You may even encounter goats and cows nearby! I did not come prepared, as I was wearing flip flops.  I was unable to do the hike, but my husband ventured off alone and relayed how beautiful the views were along the hike.






If you are a beach lover, St. Barths is the place for you, no matter how much or (how little!) you want to beach hop.

Until next time, à bientôt!


Important Information to Know When Visiting St. Barth


Below is a list of important information to know when booking your escape to St. Barths:

Washer and Dryer- The use of the washer and dryer, if present in your villa, is not allowed; these appliances are only accessible by the housekeeper.  However, in most cases, the renter can request a laundry service at the villa for an additional charge.

Nightly minimums- Unlike most vacation properties in the United States, no minimum night stay requirements exist except during the holiday season (December 15th-January 11th).  Although pricing on our website is per week, we can quote for shorter or longer rental periods, and when renting weekly, the rental begin and end dates can be any day of the week.

Number of bedrooms- Regardless of the number of bedrooms in a villa, renters only pay for the number of bedrooms requested. Once at the villa, our on-island partners will show all of the bedrooms to the renter so they can pick which rooms they would like to use, with a maximum of two people per room. The remaining bedrooms will be locked, but the rest of the property is the renters to enjoy!

For more helpful information, visit our FAQ’s page.

Au Revoir!


Below are some beautiful pictures taken by one of our clients on a recent trip to St. Barths.


Traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin


A question I am frequently asked is: which is the better way to get to St. Barths - taking a short 10 minute flight from St. Martin or a 45 minute ferry ride? Here is my personal take on traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin.

Like most people, I want to start my vacation as soon as possible. The sooner my feet hit the ground in St. Barths, the better! So, while both options will get you to St. Barths, I recommend flying. This means taking carry-on bags only (I was somehow able to do this on a 9 day trip one year!).

Both modes of transportation can be a little (or sometime a lot!) turbulent. Here is my inside scoop on the two options for traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin.

Ferry: Rough seas can make even the most experienced boater nauseous (myself included).  There is a nice option offered by one of the two ferry services: business class. This costs a little extra, but you are seated in an air-conditioned section with flat screen TV’s, as opposed to being outside and exposed to the elements. You will still feel the motion of the ocean, but it is nice to have distractions!

Gorgeous view from the deck of the ferry

Traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin

Interior view of business class

If you do decide to take the 45-minute ferry ride, you will then need to take a cab to/from the St. Martin airport to the ferry terminal, which takes about 30 minutes. When booking your flight to SXM be sure to leave yourself enough time to account for this. If you have checked baggage, you will need to account for extra time as well, as to not miss the ferry. Taking the ferry is the less expensive of the two options.

Flight: Flying from St. Martin to St. Barths is a very short 10 -15 minute flight. However, it can be a bit nerve-wracking for those who are timid flyers. The planes are small, the trade winds can be strong at times, the flight path goes by mountains during takeoff and landing, and the runway on St. Barths is one of the shortest in the world! That being said, each flight will be different. The first time I traveled via plane it was windy and the plane teetered a bit. I admit, I am a nervous flyer and had to close my eyes and go to a happy place. I highly recommend listening to your Ipod to help take your mind off of the bumps. However, on my last trip to St. Barths the flight was a breeze - no pun intended!

Traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin

Great to be back on St. Barths!

St. Barths has one of the world’s most beautiful runways

I hope this quick overview of traveling to St. Barths from St. Martin helps in the decision making process to visit St. Barths. As always, I am more than happy to discuss anything regarding St. Barths should you have any questions.

Until next time, au revoir!

- Leah

View of Gustavia in St. Barths from the plane

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