More Than 20 Beaches For You To Explore, All Within Reach Of Your St. Barts Villa

From the lively, energetic scene of St. Jean to the secluded tranquility of Colombier…the beaches of St. Barts are all incredibly unique. Along the miles of pristine coastlines, you’ll find dozens of beaches to explore, each offering a vastly different ambiance and experience. And our St. Barts villa rentals are within easy reach to all of them. Take a leisurely stroll on one beach in the morning. Head to another to soak up the midday sun. Then end up at yet another to enjoy the sunset. The endless variety means you can find a beach for whatever mood you’re in, any time of day. And even make a stop for lunch or cocktails along the way!

Below is a sampling of our favorite beaches to discover while staying at our villa rentals in St. Barts. Want the inside scoop on some secret places we love? Give us a call and we’ll help you determine which beaches we think you would like best.


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Colombier beach is one of our favorites due to its seclusion, white sand, and spectacular sunsets. There are always several sailboats anchored in the bay. Only accessible by taking a 20- to 25-minute hike along the hills of Colombier or by boat, the hike to the beach is an experience itself. You’ll go through butterfly gardens, dense foliage, and along rocks with waves crashing below until you pop through the trees and the grand view of Colombier comes into sight. There is good snorkeling at either end of the beach; however, there are no additional services offered at this beach so plan on bringing your own food and water. You will access the trail to Colombier at the far end of Flammands. There is another trail down to the beach from the top of Colombier that is very steep and strenuous, so it’s best to be prepared.

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Flamands is a wide and long beach with rolling waves that can be a lot of fun to play in. The Hotel Isle de France is located on Flamands beach, and can provide you with snacks and refreshments.

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Gouverneur is one of the most popular beaches in St. Barts, and the drive to this beach is absolutely spectacular. Head up from Gustavia toward Lurin and turn right just before the Sante Fe restaurant. Follow the road down the hillside to the beach parking area. The waves are normally calm and perfect for swimming or snorkeling near the rocks. This beach provides an extremely peaceful setting that must be enjoyed during your stay; however, no services are offered.

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Enjoy this very quiet beach, located on the north side of the island (just past St. Jean) that is protected by a reef. Popular with locals as a good surfing spot, Lorient offers great views back toward St. Jean. There are also some trees on the edge of the beach for those looking for some relief from the sun. No services are offered at this beach.

st. barts beaches

Saline is also a very popular beach for locals and visitors alike. There is a very short walk to get from the parking area to the beach. Many photographs have been taken at the top of the dune as you catch your first glimpse of the blue waters of Saline. Because of its secluded location, Saline is also well known for being the spot for topless or even full nude sunbathing. The area surrounding this beach is relatively undeveloped and wide open. It’s very beautiful to see; however, no services are offered at this beach.
Shell Beach

st. barts beaches

Shell Beach is just a short walk from downtown Gustavia, and is a protected cove with very calm waters for swimming. Do Brazil restaurant is situated right on the beach as well. Shell Beach is also a popular spot to sit on the rocks, enjoy a glass of wine, and watch one of those magical St. Barts sunsets.
St. Jean Beach

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The most lively of all St. Barts beaches, St. Jean Beach is lined with hotels and restaurants, all with “toes in the sand” dining experiences. Grab a drink at the Pink Parrot Bar (Tom Beach Hotel) and watch the planes take off and land from the adjacent airport. Enjoy lunch at La Plage or Nikki Beach and you will also be treated to an afternoon fashion show. There are even places to rent kayaks, paddle boards, and wind surfers. We recommend you spend at least one afternoon at St. Jean beach to enjoy swimming while watching the planes come in.
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